Favorite shooting games

So now what are some of your favorite shooting games aka shooters aka shoot’em-ups most especially first-person shooters or just FPSs for short?

These are my favorite ones currently:
House of the Dead series (with House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn being the latest AND most current one and at the same time the 6th installment in the series)
Time Crisis series
Aliens series
Terminator series
Crisis Zone
Doom series
Jurassic Park series

And few others I may add later on.

Halo is the only FPS I actually play and remember well. Shoutout to Doom though. It was nice.


Sunset Overdrive.

i was having a ton of fun with the new unreal tournament, which was totally free to play. unfortuately it seems the playerbase is nonexistant and i can no longer get any matches vs live opponents. it is a sad day, i was hoping to flak cannon noobs to bring the salt and grief. epic games are too caught up in their success with fork knife, so i have to say i do not blame them, arena FPS are a thing of the past.

i do play quake champions here and there though, but that game is irritating since they went the overwatch route with ultra abilities for each champ. many veterans wanted those abilities and stats removed to have a level playing field because this idea of theirs will forever bring balance issues. lo and behold…the game has balance issues. GG. i do have fun owning ppl with rocket launcher and railgun kills though, so thats always fun at least

On the subject of good shooting games, there’s some awesome new/upcoming releases to keep an eye on! All throwbacks to classic shooting action.

-Amid Evil. An old-school shooter with a fantasy theme, using magic to fight off cosmic evil. This game is in early access, technically, but even now it’s incredible. They just released the 6th episode out of the total of 7 in the final release, so it’s shaping up to be a long one! I’m going to say right now that this game night have the most satisfying weapons of any shooter I’ve ever played. No little pea shooters in here. There’s a staff that fires homing bolts, a lighting trident, a mace that launches giant spikes like a shotgun, and the amazing Celestial Claw which THROWS PLANETS AT YOUR ENEMIES. That’s just a small sample! Highly recommend checking it out!

-Ion Maiden. From the legendary folks at 3D-Realms, using a polished version of the classic Build Engine, comes a spiritual successor to Duke Nukem 3D! You play as Bombshell, a girl leading a crime fighting squad from Neo DC. In the grand tradition of build engine games, she’s a snarky badass throwing out one liners while she blows enemies to pieces. The level design is absolutely incredible and the weapons on offer are pretty neat (like the rotary cannon that can fire either shotgun shells or grenades, or the chargeable ion laser crossbow).

-Dusk. Dusk got a full packaged release at the end of last year and it’s definitely one of my new favorites. Movement like Quake and campaign progression like Doom, with plenty of elements from backwoods and eldritch horror! It’s decently challenging with a few levels that really test your skill/quicksave as well as killer level design and a huge variety of environments to explore! The guns are balanced well and each has their uses throughout every mission, and the enemy variety is amazing.

-Doom: Eternal Coming soon, the sequel to the latest Doom, from iD Software! They promise more guns, more demons, more features and mechanics, and new realms to explore! I have high hopes.

-Blood Remastered. Not so much new, but finally a way to play this on Modern Hardware properly without hastling with different source ports or DOS Box. A classic horror inspired shooter originally developed by Monolith (the F.E.A.R people), about an undead hero out for revenge against the evil that wronged him in life.

Only a few spring to mind right now:

Timesplitters 2: The first PS2 game I bought and the one I spent the most time with. Good map variety, good selection of weapons, a large list of playable characters (though there was a good amount of recolors there were still a lot unique and weird ones), great soundtrack, and a mapmaker that was surprisingly powerful considering the PS2’s limitations. It was also the most consistent game of the series.

Unreal Tournament 99: Fast action, well-sized maps (not overly large like in later UT games), also great soundtrack, and a campaign that was far more involved than Quake 3 (despite being similar it actually bothered to have in-game lore).

Duke Nukem 3D: Classic shooter with fun weapons and maze-like maps that weren’t overly obnoxious like some shooters in that era.

wasnt there an FPS game coming out from the guys behind the Painkiller games? those games were ■■■■■■■ awesome

edit: found it! Witchfire

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Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Now Halo MCC.