Favorite season(s)

What is/are your favorite season(s)/time(s) of the year?

Mine are spring and summer


Fall and winter. I HATE spring and summer.


Spring and Summer and fall for me.

Late Spring and all of Summer.

Id rather be cold.

With cold, you are just cold.

But with hot, you are sticky, and sweaty, and depending on the situation, you could be getting sunburned, dehydrated, etc… And if you are too hot, and you do manage to cool down, you are STILL sweaty, sticky, dirty, etc…

If you are too cold, and you manage to warm up, its a great feeling, that doesnt have all those lingering effects of being hot.

And finally…


Summer is bug season, and i hate it. I would rather live in a frozen wasteland (with good internet) than live in a place with bugs.


Pretty much summed up my thoughts on spring and summer :thumbsup:

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Basically do you prefer fall/autumn, winter, spring, and/or summer?

In theory, I prefer Winter over all others, for pretty much the reasons @ZDhome mentioned. If you’re too cold, you can find another layer. If it’s too hot, there’s only so much you can do, y’know?

HOWEVER! I hail from Michigan, where we don’t really have seasons so much as we have a mess. So really, my favorite season is simply Not Mosquitoes. I got bit by a mosquito in January this year, so I don’t know when exactly Not Mosquitoes is supposed to be.


Wow that sounds like a mess.

I thought Florida had it bad.

In Florida, we have 10 months of Summer, 2 of winter, and then “spring” and “fall” are actually titled: “2 weeks of weather that WONT kill you if you are out of the house for more than 5 minutes at a time.”


Yeah, it’s not great. From what I understand though, Michigan is a lot cold-Florida (or Florida is a lot like hot-Michigan, whichever). Maybe not with the distribution of seasons, it’s just a clusterfxck up here (THANKS LAKES & CANADA!), but in that we are both, unfortunately, largely comprised of swampland that was urbanized with little thought to long-term stability. Interestingly, it’s super common for Michiganders to retire and move to Florida, perhaps because of the familiarity with swampy humidity. I’m babbling, but I feel ya, fella.

Swamp life isn’t ideal, especially when you make it to the city and it’s still a damned swamp. Sigh.


Life in Arizona has kinda skewed my view on Seasons. It can be too cold the move your fingers in the morning, but too hot for pants by the afternoon. A massive monsoon could hit with puddles deep enough to drown a rabbit in an it’s dry by the afternoon. Snow only sticks in the shade, but the pool is cool enough to make the slightest breeze feel like a winter storm.
And it changes based on where you’re at, too. Drive for an hour and you’ll go from 90 degrees and scalding sidewalks to 3 feet of snow. I’m lucky in Prescott since I’m right in between frigid perma-winter (Flagstaff) and boiling asphalt Hell (Phoenix).

If I had to pick, I’d probably say winter. No snakes, no bugs, and if we get half an inch of snow every single school closes down so you can just stay in bed.


Man, as a kid/teen I always envied the hot-states perspective on snow. Half an inch for a snow day!? Kids up here get half a foot and don’t wink at it. A foot of snow is a snow-day, only IF the roads don’t get plowed by 7am.


As someone who lives in the Phoenix Area, Winter is definitely the best.

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Don’t care I say indoors anyway lel.

Gotcha AND touché :wink:

I’m a winter baby. I hate summer but I do like fall and spring. Although old man winter doesn’t really pay his visit to Nashville until like February.

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Ever bene to oklahoma? the weather is inconsistent here. It doe sget it’s nice days but when it gets to the summer it hit’s a hundred degrees.

There are parts of AZ where I’ve been in 120+ weather, so it’s not unheard of. Though at least it’s dry heat, here. I hear back east it’s muggy and humid. No thanks.:confounded:


It’s true :frowning: 4:30 am and already 90 degrees. Thankfully today and the next few look to be “mild.” Until the weekend…

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