Favorite Players To Watch

Who are your favorite players to watch play? Is it the characters they play, is it there personality, or is it there epic comebacks in tournaments?

Mine is Sleep

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I like watching Maximilian, but he hardly ever plays KI anymore. Just a genuinely nice guy.

Also llPaulB is generally fun to watch. I like watching him argue with people who don’t, at least, try what he suggests they do to improve.


I like to watch Max too…

Max of course because he is just entertaining and hype as fck.
PaulB is my favorite pro player.
And I still hope @CStyles45 starts streaming again someday. His Kan-Ra was fun to watch.

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You should all watch me stream! :smiley:

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DSPGaming is the best

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I believe I played your Cinder with my subpar one. Very good stuff, I learned a thing or two. What is your twitch?
My favorite overall player is definitely Rico Suave, the mastery he has with multiple characters is incredible to watch. Paul B is fun to watch, and PinkDiamond is an absolute force. That being said, I wish Grimmmz would come back. Max is definitely my favorite youtuber/streamer

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I watch Max’s youtube videos everyday pretty much. Besides Max, I like to watch Bass, Grimmz, and Tex Ace. I used to watch C88KI4life…but i got so sick of that Burger and fries song/video and the rest of the sill music… i just stopped watching him completely. Plus I cant stand Orchid so…yeah.

I really wish there was a stream that only had Metal music playing…like death metal and black metal.

I love me some Rico Suave.

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I love watching GutterMagic, his mind games are top tier. Grimmmz is probably my favorite player to watch, his Jago is godlike.

Paul B’s my favorite for sure, mostly due to his extensive knowledge of the game and because he’s a very charismatic guy.

PaulB, CStyles, and Max are my favorites.

I’ll give the nod to PaulB because he plays so many different characters and he knows what he’s doing with each one of them.

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I usually watch Max, Paulb, Rico Suave and LCD. :+1:

Good news. Once the pc version releases, I’ll be able to stream at the quality I want. I also listen to metal, death metal, doom metal, metalcore and hardcore.

Edit: I’m not that great though. My record in Killer is usually around 50% or under.

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Why did grimmmz stop playing/streaming?

i dont think he likes the ki community

Well thats better than my record ! lol Im still in GOld and my % is about 38%

But yeah, i really wish there was a stream strictly for Metal. NOt Korn, Deftones, and that type of metal.
I mean the real deal…MOrbid Angel, Death, Deicide, Dimmu BOrgir, MAYHEM, EMperor, Immortal, Arcturus, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, KI soundtrack, Huntress, the Faceless, Fall of Seraphs, lol… Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Ghost, Seven Kingdoms, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, OZZy…I think you get what Im saying.
I would love to do this myself, but Id ont really have the set up, plus kids running around and Im not good enough for people to want to watch. Id loose to much lol

I asked Grimmmz this once while he was streaming. He said he won’t stream KI anymore because it creates too much drama in the chat.
I myself have never been a hardcore streamer so I don’t know how annoying this can be. Seems like it would be easy to ignore. I miss watching his Jago.
I’ve seen Gutmaj (Guttermagic) get pretty upset with his chat. I used to watch him. He’s psychic with his counter breakers. But I noticed he occasionally gets really condescending to his opponents. “Why would you do that? That’s the worst thing you could’ve done.” Dude, is winning not enough? Does making your opponent feel stupid sweeten the victory? He’s usually nice enough though I guess.

Watching CStyles45 was pretty fun, although I found myself getting discouraged at how untouchable his Kan Ra is… So I’d always start cheering for the opponent. Knowing he’s beatable was reassuring. When he does lose he gets pretty salty, but don’t we all?

Max is my favorite. When I was new to the game, I caught a match vs. Max and of course he wiped the floor with me. Then I saw he has a youtube channel where I discovered that he’s a remarkably nice and humble guy who’s about my age who grew up in the same videogame scene that I did. I like that when he loses a fight, he’s just as nice to his opponent as when he wins. His is a good attitude for the community members to emulate. Sadly he plays the newer fighting games more than KI. It’s a shame. He still acknowledges that KI is a much faster game with a more thought-intensive meta. Last night he was playing and remarked that all his time playing SFV and MKX has slowed his mind.

BTW all, I don’t stream much but when I do, http://www.twitch.tv/archon8/profile if you wanna watch me lose… Or just see my face.

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