Favorite Classic Themes

Hey guys! Keeping the ‘Classic’ section of the forum alive!
Wondering what everyone’s favorite themes from the old KI arcade games was.
Here’s mine:

Of course mine is Kim Wu’s. Kim was my Girl back in the KI2 days…

She will return back into my arms…

Jago, Kim Wu & Gargos’s were mine.

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KI1 - The Instinct
KI1 - Cinder

KI2 - Glacius
KI2 - Tusk
KI2 - Orchid
KI2 - Gargos

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I love the entire soundtrack for KI1 and most of the KI2 soundtrack (not that some of it was bad, just that I liked KI1’s much more) but my favorite was probably Trialblazer since Cinder’s my favorite :yum:

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the gargos killer instinct gold is awesome; pumping up the adrenaline when you hear that theme, just hw a bossfight should be!
the cinder track is also one of my favorites.
they should bring those themes back and made it before the match start that you can chose your theme (if you unlocked it already). don’t need retro stages, to much work. just give u all of the KI1, KI2 en certainly KI gold themes to select (now that would be awesome!) and people have things to unlock again. (play so many matches on cinder’s stage to unlock KI1 theme, even more for KI2 theme…) :heart_eyes:



  • Jago
  • Fulgore
  • Sabrewulf
  • Galcius
  • Orchid


  • Jago
  • Fulgore
  • Spinal
  • Kim wu
  • Gargos
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KI1- Riptor, Fulgore, Cinder.

KI2- Fulgore, Gargos

I’ll fight you for her affection …or we can take turns.

The Instinct (Main Theme)
Orchid’s Theme & The Way You Move
Glacius Theme

KI2: Main Theme

I love the whole soundtrack from the 1st game overall. but those are my favorite.


The Instinct
Orchid Theme
The Way You Move
Humilliation Theme (I love this man!!)


Character Selection Theme
Glacius Theme
Orchid Theme
Gargos Theme

Those are my favs.

PS. I love it when you guys refer KI2 as KI2 and no Gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Orchid’s KI Theme of course! Still the best song in the whole Series! Well for me at least.:blush:

Here is my top 10 classic KI themes!

  1. Cinder (KI1)
  2. Sabrewulf (KI1)
  3. Gargos (KI2)
  4. Fulgore (KI2)
  5. T.J Combo (KI2)
  6. Tusk (KI2)
  7. Jago (KI1)
  8. Glacius (KI1)
  9. Sabrewulf (KI2)
  10. Spinal (KI2)

I like all of them, but out of all of them KI2 Glacius theme is awesome.