Favorite Classic Endings

I noticed the Classic sub-forum has been rather quiet, so I decided to make some discussion about the classic games.
Namely, as the title entails, the arcade endings.

Killer Instinct Classic Arcade

Killer Instinct 2/Gold (in playlist form)

Personally, I’m a fan of Riptor, Fulgore, and Cinder’s endings from KI1, and Tusk, Glacius, and Sabrewulf’s “good ends” from KI2.
SO, what do you guys think? Watch through the old endings and see what you enjoy, friends.

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Best KI1 endings for me would be…

  • Cinder (an awesome and badass ending)
  • Spinal (HAH! :smile:)
  • Eyedol (DUH! :joy:)

My favorite KI 1994 endings - Cinder and Spinal

My favorite KI2/GOLD endings - TJ Combo and Fulgore

I personally enjoy ALL of the classic KI1 endings in the 1st original Killer Instinct :smile:


All of them… IMO they still show up KIs endings…

BTW the police officers in cinders stage were going to be a fully fledged character.

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Yeah, Kev Bayliss revealed about this in his #KIFacts tweets. Would be awesome if that brute police officer could potentially make it in Season 3…


totally like the maniac cop! that films was great lol

My favorite ending is obviously Riptor’s and Fulgore’s