Fat/overweight cats and dogs

Now have you seen, met, or do you know ANY fat/overweight cats and dogs where you lived?

In my residential neighborhood where I’m currently living I’ve seen, met, AND know a few fat/overweight cats AND dogs:
This cat that weighs almost or VERY close to 20 lbs. but not really sure on its breed.

This large and REALLY pudgy/portly (I believed) Labrador retriever that weighs more than 100 lbs.

This rather pudgy/portly (and quite old) medium-sized dog but don’t know its breed though.

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Practically all the dogs and cats in my neighborhood were fat lol. But I will name a few specific ones, my friend pug was very overweight, my sisters friend orange tabby was so fat and mellow and he would let me and other people squeeze his belly! Do not know how much they weighed but were huge regardless!

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I have not met a single fat cat, or dog in my life. Lol My dog is so damn active I don’t think he’ll ever get fat.

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I said CATS, not CARS :unamused: :expressionless:

@JEFFRON27 said fat car

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That was a typo lol

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Oh yes, I can clearly see that already :stuck_out_tongue:

I had two cats that I guess you’d call overweight. One of them was ~10Kg for most of her life, we lost her around early-to-mid 2015 to severe bronchitis at nearly 15 years of age. Her sister is maybe closer to 7 or 8 kilograms and still doing pretty well today. The thing is, I don’t think they were typically overfed – if you desex a cat early, keep it indoors a lot so it doesn’t run away or die an early death involving being picked off by a fox or a snake or something, and feed it reasonable meals, it’ll probably put on weight. My cats lived far longer and better lives than previous pets I’ve had, despite the weight.

I also had a male cat that may’ve gotten to up around 10Kg of pure muscle before he disappeared. He started disappearing for longer periods of time, and he’d come back with minor scars which you’d look at and think, “man I’d hate to be the other cat/possum/drop bear right now.” He was this beautiful big black cat that I like to imagine thrived long after he stopped coming back, but he probably met his match or got shot or something.