Faster online match system

Would e nice to have a fast match option for online play.

Actually we have only Exibition and Lobby, both seems to be designed to have people fighting multiple rounds in a row against the same person and seems a bit redundant. So my suggestion is to transform exibition in a fast quee where players will only fight for one round and as soon as that ends he will be automatically placed in the quee to fight another player. Something like the bronze/silver ranked matches but without the need to keep asking to find a match all the time.

I can already find matches in less than 15 seconds in most cases, and I personally like the idea of fighting the same person over again - it gives me the ability to better learn the matchups of various characters over time. If you want to fight a different person every time wih less downtime in between matches though, try ranked leagues, because it basically sounds like what you’re asking for.

There is no need to transform exhibition in the way you describe, IMO.

Also, the reason it has to find another match all of the time is because it needs to see who’s available, also where, and whether they have appropriate speeds to ensure a smooth match - if anything, it’s a necessity that you can’t really remove.

CHANGING Exhibition, no. But this would probably work well as an additional mode/option to access.

“Speed Dating,” essentially.


I already play on ranked and i also do not have problem to find matches, but it’s very annoying to keep navigating in menus after every match, and on ranked I’m forced to play best of 3 after gold. I’m fine with that when I am on my competition spirit but some times i just wanna go and fight random people over and over to chill out without the need to care with win/loose points. If i wanna fight the same guy over and over you can just open a lobby Chanel and wait/invite someone to join.

I don’t mind in keep the exibition and have a “speed dating” option also. :slight_smile:

After reading your post I thought of this as an alternate main menu option. Randomly assigned opponents for one-off matches, no Rank points to gain or lose, and select your character/costume/color ahead of time; no character select screen or downtime at all.

When you finish a match, win or lose, you respond to a yes/no prompt to either quit to the main menu or play another person who is also queued up for “speed dating” mode. When the next match starts, it starts directly at the “Fight On” portion of the loading screens, displaying both characters.


That would be perfect. Thanks a lot.

l’d call it “quick fight” mode.

Yeah, speed dating would not be appropriated. People would ask for an integration with tinder. :joy:,

How about in Exhibition, after the fight where it takes you to the menu it just adds a “Next Opponent” option. After the fight you can (as of now) pick “Save Shadow Data”, “Rematch”, “Character Select”, and “Main Menu” so adding a “Next Opponent” option would be somewhat similar. I imagine it’s the next best thing outside of getting a “Quick Match” option.

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I like this idea - it is simple.

Although I prefer Skeletal’s sugestions, I don’t mind this change in exibition. But for those who wanna play more then one match against the same guy this can become stressful. Some people already complain when you fight one match and leave, at least being in a different mode people will know that they will not have another match.

Actually, I like this idea, but don’t put it in the main menu, put it with all the other online options.

Also, make the character select screen actually load as it would normally to allow accessible selection of characters for those who can’t see. Other than that, it sounds like a good idea.

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