Fast xp and leveling up

I got a 3 day exp boost and trying get everyone up to 30 and was wondering outside of ranked would it be faster to do player vs cpu or survival? Any tips?

Apparently Player vs Cpu at Medium or Hard difficulty will give the most exp, since you can just hit rematch and start another match. Survival and player matches take loading and or matchmaking.

I like to play on very hard, not only does it give you a 1.15 xp boost but the AI will teach how to play safer if you have the patience.

Set the AI to a difficulty you know you can wipe the floor with relatively well, and go for style. Pop instinct, get perfects, do snazzy ultras, throw in manuals and shadow counters with the occasional throw/tech. Make sure you go for as many of the fight challenges/trials as possible to boost it up ASAP. Used this method to get Lvl50 Shago in somewhere between 3-5 days.

Note:Higher level AI provides more XP per match, but lower level AI make more mistakes and fall for higher damage set ups (i.e endless Counter Breakers) which can make matches go by quicker. Depends on what you’re looking for.

Survival is the fastest way since you don’t have the character select time frame.

In vs CPU matches you can just hit “rematch” and bypass any load time. It’s theoretically faster but so boring it will seem like even more of a grind…

How many one day boosts would I need to stack to take a character from 30-50 in 1-2 hours lol.

Yeah your right. My favorite way is to put the Diff on very hard ans start at Jago and play best of 3. Once I win the best of 3 or loose, I move on to Sabrewulf until I have beat all 18 characters from Jago to Aria. Its like my own personal CLASSIC TOWER BATTLE.

Some times if I loose the best of 3 I let it go to best of 5.

I really wish they would add a Classic tower mode with Fulgore and Aria as the respective Boss’s at the end… or just Aria would be fine.

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