Fantasy Strike

Did anyone take part in the free demo for this weekend?

Man this game is fun. I mean not much more fun than your standard fighting game, but the simplicity of this game is remarkable… I think (i didn’t play Rising Thunder) that it is like RT in a way, but even simpler, still pretty deep though.

I learned about it because it was featured in Core-A-Gaming’s latest video.


Well this is quite the developement.

So not only did I actually pay to play Fantasy Strike but i also have the Title of Early Access. That being said… im not bothered by the game going Free To Play since i did genuinely only pay to support the Developers… also i really wanted Early Access… i couldnt wait any longer.
I am however curious to know how everyone else feels about this (will check on the Fantasy Strike forum for news… might even check the discord) But more than that im excited theres finally new Content :smiley: