Facing same online players over and over again

Hi IG, is it possible to “fix” this “issue”?, i mean, is boring to play same guy over and over again just because we have a good ping between us (i’ll rather do a lobbie or something like that, ranked, IMO, is to face random and different players)
is ok to play same guy 2…3 times in a row…but…10 times?..

What I do when that happens usually in exhibition is just move on to lobbies for a while or ranked then come back it.

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Wait a minute or two until he more than likely gets matched up with someone else then search.

That’s all I ever do


Do you live in Australia, New Zealand or something?

I’ve never played the same guy in ranked 10x in a row.

i live in chile - southamerica

I live in Chicago and I once faced Mitonson 6 times in a row. This was a very long time ago but I was pissed because he absolutely destroyed me every time.

It happens.

yeah, i think is a “ping” thing…whenever there are chilean players online, i ALWAYS get paired with them and we are so few that we know each other so no use to go to ranked that particular night lol

I faced the same lvl 50 killer for all 10 of my qualifying matches