Eyedol's Theme

Grabbed the update and thought i would treat you guys!!

Love how there is parts of eyedol’s theme in it. :smiley:


I get an early 90s movie vibe lol I like it and I hope this is included in the CD soundtrack that comes with the definitive edition

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This is one of the few themes where the new composers actually used the exact same samples from the extreme theme.

Sound’s like a mid 90’s score for a science fiction/horror/action film.

Wow, yeah, y’all are right. Very 90’s camp cinema! Also very 90’s industrial.

I get a serious KMFDM vibe, mixed up with a serious Kovenant vibe.

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It stands out from the rest, it’s so different

While not my favorite, they remained pretty faithful to it. Shame it couldn’t be remade similar to how different Season 1’s music was but it’s still good.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to participate in a Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game with an evil “you’re the bad guys” kind of campaign setting along with my brother and friends.

…this music is perfect for the setting. I’m so going to show it to them! THANKS! :smiley:


I was like no KI theme remix section? YEAH. Then it happened. To much KI theme remixes.

It has sort of a “Hotline Miami” vibe to it at first, with real tribal sounding drum rhythms, while also using both modern and classic horror music strings to make Eyedol feel really menacing.

I think this might actually be one of–if not the–best in Season 3!

Sounds like they were watching Transformers the Movie right before they decided on the theme:

Also on Eyedol’s theme, starting at 00:45 it reminds me of the Banjo setting on my old Yamaha keyboard when I was a kid.

I actually like that they have the ki theme. Its nice hearing it in different styles. The cinder version is EPIC

I like it but there is too much now. Kim Wu has it. Mira has it. Rash has it(for some reason). General Raam has it. Gargos has it. Eyedol has it. That leaves Tusk and Arbiter without it for S3. I would prefer if Kim Wu,Rash,and General Raam don’t have it. Mira is new so makes sense. Gargos and Eyedol as the big baddies.

There’s a KI theme in everybody’s theme, but this one seemed pretty lazy. One of the things I liked about when Mick did the music was he’d typically, even if he used their OG theme for the new one, for the slow part he’d do something unique. Like Riptor, her slow part sounds like an old Godzilla movie from the 50s. Maya…OMG Maya…slow & beautiful is all I can say, but it’s still her KI2 theme. And then Hisako with the creepy little girls doing a major key variant of the KI theme like a nursery song. Plug/Dweller kinda did ok with Tusk (not too fond of the “viking funeral” version of his KI2 theme), but pretty much everyone else in this season has just straight-up been a quick & nasty obligatory KI theme.

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Well, in my opinion, it’s great to have the ki theme and I hope every character gets it. Seriously someone agree with me that cinders ki theme is biblical! Lol Especially with the classic cinder and announcer sound effects that it has! Oh and the guitar version at the end of Herald of gargos! Seriously ki music is the best video game music lol

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Cinder’s theme is great overall and I love the KI theme inserted in several manners.

It’s really good and one of the best S3 themes by far!

Sadly the in-game music mixing leaves much to be desired and the theme doesn’t feel like it picks up enough or stands out from the other game sounds. I feel like that’s the case with most S3 themes though. Maybe it’s something they can tweak.