Eyedol's story

If eyedol returns, he could pretend to be under ultratech’s control, wait until gargos is defeated and then turn against UT and take control of them… thus paving the way for killer instinct 4.


he’s back…

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When Eyedol comes back I’m sure he’ll be under Ultratech’s control somehow.

Hopefully he’s resurrected to help battle Gargos preserving the rivalry they have.

Pain and Panic! Reporting for duty!

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I already know Eyedols story:
He sits at home, eating a tub of ice cream while watching netfilx because he didn’t make it into season 3.


for a split second I thought today’s reveal was eyedol. It was so… monstrous I started holding my breath.

and then I was like… “oh. right…” :sleepy:

Time will tell… Really hoping Iron Galaxy brings the WHOLE cast back…

He’s the tiger jackson of the KI universe.

Come on, cheer up kid! haha

lol I knew it was raam,I was like “cool… where’s eyedol?” XD

I guess I finally have to admit I was wrong. And seeing how Eyedol turned out, I’m ok with being wrong about him.

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@Crainiak24 …Why…?

@KevBones10 liked my old comment, might as well bring it back from the grave