Eyedol's stage

From Eyedol’s stage, how would you all remake it like the others?

Nah. I think Eyedol match Cinder’s stage…

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Yooo, if they remake that other stage Eyedol was on? The one where both are on a bridge with lava below. That’d be the best!

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I was thinking in Eyedol as the shaman/leader of a monsters tribe. Like the 3 moiras from The Witcher 3, demanding sacrifices from his people. So his stage is his cursed house/village were he performs forbidden sacrifices and profane sorcery.

This photo its a modern one, but imagine something alike without technology, in a swamp

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It would be a completely different theme, like all the others. Though i’m sure it would have been cool if they had bothered to make one.

Considering that one of his default colors makes him look like Shrek, I honestly think they need to stay far, far away from a swamp.

…I just realized the pun I made there…:confused:

I’ll do you one better:


Smashmouth Ultra music or riot


Shrek is love

Shrek is life

Eyedol should get a stage along with with Mira and maybe Rash and Raam. I could see Eyedol’s stage being in a throne room or even a ancient ruined city based in Greek or Hindu mythology.

I’d like to see a battlefield filled with dead soldiers and monsters, arrows sticking out of the ground, swords, etc. Huge beasts of war, catapults, all that jazz in a cloudy moody setting. Really sell his “warlord” vibe.

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Yeah I really like @xCrimsonLegendx’s idea. It makes me think of the Wasteland from MK2MK9 (One of my favorite stages in all of MK)



■■■■ yeah! That’s sounds awesome

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Eyedol’s default stage is Kan-Ra’s FYI.

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I think they should have keep his stage from KI1, but with some changes…

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