Eyedol's origins

With Eyedol back, what’s his new story? True there’s Kan-Ra resurrecting him but goes solo on him.

Anything we should know about the new Eyedol?

In Eyedol’s trailer, Kan ra found his remains which were apparently on earth.

did gargos try to take over earth once before until eyedol faced him then died?
If not then maybe eyedol Fought gargos in their dimension before he escaped to a portal were he died from the wounds.

I’m sure Gargos & him fought in ancient times.

I think originally they fought in their own dimension and after gargos killed him the body was left to wonder out in space until Kan-ra went through the portal and found his body.

From what I know so far, Gargos and Eyedol battled once before and Eyedol was killed. His head split in half during that battle, somehow Kan-Ra found him and tried to awaken him as his slave and instead only revived him to a version of his former glory.
i am definitely sad there isn’t just one more Novella chapter with his back story.

Ice Haven. Kan-Ra found his body there i guess.

You’d think Kan-Ra would learn his lesson by now. Never ■■■■ with powers or being sbeyond comprehension. Because that dog will comeback and bite him on the butt. It did it twice actually.


With all the trolling about Eyedol not coming back, who’s to say, there isnt another story released this week that is more about eyedol (they could have said no more chapters, to cover for no more chapters till eyedol was revealed) for all we know he plays a huge part in Shadowlords and we get to see a whole other side of the game mode that was hidden before, we really didnt see a long continual playthrough yet, only bits and pieces, which does raise suspicion seeing how far along they probably are.

This whole season has been unusual with the secrecy, the leak, the ‘stay tuned’, the trolling, so I am prepared to be surprised with a lot of info this week that they couldnt talk about before Eyedol (dont let me doen IG).

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Eyedol’s body was probably just floating around in the Astral Plane, then Kan-ra pulled it through his portal.


Retro boss fight Friday!

It would be super amazing if we got a special Eyedol edition chapter of the Novella :slight_smile:

Just imagine an awesome write up detailing Gargos and Eyedol’s original struggle(s) with each other and maybe some stuff about if they are both from the same place or not, why they fought, how Gargos won, how Kan-Ra got a hold of Eyedol’s body etc.

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We need more novella chapters in general. They told so much more info about the lore than anything else in KI and were pretty well written. If anything we need one for omen and shago, what happened to them?


True. I would like to know what happened to Shago after Hisako pulled him through the portal or w.e it was and what he will be doing during Gargos’s invasion and all of that. Same with Omen too.

Yeah like what happened after omen fought aria? Is he still alive? Is there more than one omen? If so is he gargos favorite shadow demon that plans to pull a starscream and usurp his throne? Find out on the next episode of dragon ball z.

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Hopefully Shadow Lords will answer all of these questions if there are no more Novella chapters lol

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I also hope they have character specific endings.

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I think the fact that Gargos’ face is ripped off and Eyedol’s head is split in half makes the lore in this game much more cool and makes me want to find out more. :smiley:

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