Eyedol's new theme

I like Eyedol’s new theme so far.
It sounds very Retro, like the soundtrack from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and a bit like his old theme.


I always did love The Extreme. This new version sounds sick

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Eyedol’s theme is easily my favorite one from S3.


A link would be appreciated.

^^Seconded, It is hard to hear the theme over everything else going on in the trailer

You can hear is Theme in the Trailer. Or do you mean a link to Blood Dragon’s or Turok’s soundtrack ?

But it’s not impossible !

Well, I guess I expected a full theme, didn’t think you were just mentioning the trailer.

It’s very late 80s sounds unlike the other season 3 interpretations- very synthy can’t wait to grab the Rkosmik 12 minute dynamic version


I like his themes, both new and old. But I think he really needs a stage… more than Arbiter does at least.

I like the theme, but I like gargos theme more :stuck_out_tongue:

Matter of fact the gargos part in omens theme is better too in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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To be honest, even if i think the two new composers of S3 good did very good work, it’s “just very good” and i did not find it as great as Gordon’s, who created absolute masterpieces as Gargos, Spinal or Hisako’s Theme.

But that was before hearing this Eyedol Theme. Guys did it PERFECT. Bravo.

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From the short snippet we heard in his trailer, I really like it. Way better than most of S3’s themes as it carries more punch and has a more active flow that better fits a fast paced match.

I would have loved to see a video about how it was composed, but seing as how we didn’t get one for Gargos or RAAM I’ve given up on that :frowning:


IMHO it was a very cool take on Eyedol’s theme. I would have honestly pictured his theme being something more like a classical Hell-like theme, but instead it sounds like At-plug/Dewller stayed up watching the '86 Transformers movie:

My guess is they noticed the tesla effects with the lightning and went for a heavy electronic/Vince DeCola style.

Now that Eyedol is out I have updated this topic with a video of the Theme !

Yep, I’m gonna leave his theme for last when I make my custom KI soundtrack!
Was going to let Gargos take that honor, but no more.

good cause RKosmiks version is amazing and everyone deserves to hear it.

Thanks RKO ! My god this music is… so cool.

A bit like a Goth Night Club feel from the 80s but I still like his old theme a bit more. This sounds like I heard this in the movie from Neon Demon so its pretty sweet. https://youtu.be/OvUJsu5w8IU