Eyedol's left side & right side issue

Has anyone noticed that, on-screen, Eyedol’s right side is a mirror image of his left side?

The “mage side” is always the one facing the screen, even when he changes sides!
Is this a glitch (and will it be corrected?) or is it some sort of homage to the old Eyedol (see below)?

What’s even more baffling, it’s when Eyedol’s colours were shown in the official site, this problem was somehow fixed, but in turn got even more messed up, as we saw his warrior side adopting a mage stance and his mage side adopting a warrior stance:

What sorcery is this??

The color images were wrong

Eyedol, as Aganos or Spinal, mirrors himself when switching sides for balance porpouses. His weapon its always in the “exterior” hand, so as mage head.
Otherwise, he should have to be in a totally different stance to match the hitboxes of his moveset


they did it on purpose bc he is ambidextrous and needs to show off for the camera. #getmoney #getfame

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It’s possible to turn Eyedol around without mirroring, you just have to reanimate his moves for the other side.

The character is too damn asymmetric to be mirroring.

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Ah so it’s for gameplay purposes. Well, not gonna nitpick on that. If it works better this way, let it be.

It less effort.

You can obviously make it so that your hitboxes match or nearly match on both sides and not be mirrors but that take s more resources.

most solid explanation ever

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