Eyedol's Instinct runs out, a suggestion


One of my resolutions for 2017 is trying to do less bickering and give more constructive feedback. I admit that I can get salty but I’m not alone. However, this is more about a suggestion and how something is against the character’s design for some reason.

Eyedol has the ability to “head switch” during the entire match. Considering that the Instinct gives him the opportunity to combine both heads (and that’s freaking awesome, let me tell you), I’ve wondered something… Why does he always come back to the Warrior Head? I do believe that the goal for mastering Eyedol is being able to adjust and adapt to sudden head switches from Warrior to Mage and vice versa and since there’s no surprise at the end of Instinct, I do believe that it works against his design.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the character and an Eyedol player or someone who knows about his abilities and mechanics, I would expect more suspense at the end of his Instinct instead of relying on his rushdown right after I’ve dealt significant damage.


So you’re suggesting his post-instinct head be random? If so, I agree.

Yeah, I wasn’t exactly specific but yeah. His post-Instinct isn’t random which isn’t Eyedol from my point of view of the character… or what the designers intended us to learn.

I sugested this, but would be really hard. Most of his instinct mode revolves around warrior special moves and neutral poses. It would be really difficult to do something similar with mage head.


It’s entirely possible. They have the animation for the Head Switch from Warrior to Mage. I do believe they can make a workaround since there’s no true transition at the end of Instinct. The Mage Head just falls asleep at the end, there’s no surprise.

I always believed it was because the Warrior moves are the ones that come out first in Instinct, therefore, it takes priority over the Mage form. When I think about it, I feel that if you end up with Mage when your Instinct ends and you’re up close, you have to work to get your space back whereas if you get the Warrior form, you’re already where you want to be. That’s just how I see it.


I see it as the warrior head being the greater, or primary, head and the mage head as the lesser, or secondary, head.

All of the animations are done with warrior (all his special moves animate with the warrior pose and then get a “bonus mage activation”), so it probably just makes sense gameplay wise for him to leave and be in warrior. They could freeze the screen after instinct, I guess, but this way sounds better.


I do get your point and yes, we get the Warrior normals (the frame advantage) and the Mage Command Move as the “bonus”. It just feels odd to me when I look at the mechanics and his gameplan (and the risk of head switch included) but I do understand on a basic standpoint regarding the movement and inputs.