Eyedol's Facial Reconstruction Surgery

I just edited the two halves of his face back into one to see what he would’ve looked like before Gargos put the hurt on him.


hmm… He doesn’t look too ugly with his head in one piece :joy:

He should look like that when a Gargos player has to face him as the final boss in Shadowlords.
You know, full power and all that.

I already saw someone do this, but I like your version better.

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Can you link to the other one? I’d like to see

hmm… interesting.

he is still Undead at this point, im sure he had full horns, was less decayed and was much more muscular before the unfortunate whooping

He actually looks pretty awesome lol I have never been a fan of ogrew/troll characters but Eyedol has changed my mind, he looks sick!

If Gargos were smarter, he would’ve decapitated him. Pfft, Jago would’ve got’em.


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Yep, that’s the 1!

Very cool, he actualyl looks better than I thought. The split head has a lot of style though.

I really love how the tear is uneven, one half got the nose and more face while the other got more innards/brains.

Wait… Is that why the mage head is smarter? It got more of the pulsing insides, while the warrior got less?

Who nose? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s strange here is facially he looks like what I expected out of Gargos, maybe I’m the only one but if you cleaned it up a bit (the scars or whatever) remove the horns, maybe make the ears a bit bigger, etc I could see the resemblance.

Nah, I don’t see it. That’s not a monkey’s face, like with what Gargos has.

That’s why I said “what I expected out of Gargos” I didn’t expect the monkey face haha.

Still ugly, and needs to die.

Yep, but he’s already dead. Lol

Then he’s dieing twice.

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I thought that was due to different hemispheres of the brain and all that. Like how the left and right hemispheres both specialize in different areas of thinking.