Eyedols backstory

So either gargos kills him or UT finds a way to kill him.

Ha, I totally called the ripped in half head versus what everyone else was saying about it being cut in half.

Cool back story though I don’t really like the fact Eyedol was apparently human once. In the cutscenes it shows a retro eyedol being defeated by Gargos saying he slayed the other astral races. I was kind of hoping Eyedol was a king of his own race, being a mere mortal is kinda weak sauce for the big guy’s backstory.

Probably UT since gargos is dead after SL.

SEEMS death.

My bet is that he always reborn in the astral plane, maybe less powerful, but inmortal anyway

Tusk’s immortality is vague. Does it mean immortal as can’t be killed or immortal as in never ages? I feel it’s the latter.

I would think so too since when you beat him his astral energy along with the energy he’s stolen spreads everywhere, there’s no telling if it truly killed him or not.

That sounds about right. I wonder though, what if that is why Kan ra chose to revive him? In the trailer he says “You were the only one to stand up to him” or something, and what better way for a scumbag like Kan ra to not only save his own butt, but get revenge on the very kind that cursed him (and Spinal) by making that very king come back to from the dead as his mindless slave (clearly things didnt go according to his plan tho lol) Obviously this all speculation no fact, but its fun to talk about.

Yeah it would seem Gargos was already powerful considering this was not his first invasion. It sounded like Eyedol bested him, got more powerful himself, got corrupted, lost his mind and turned into psychotic ogre monster, was tricked into going into the Astral Plane. Meanwhile, Gargos spent all this time as you said, mastering the shadow energy and taking advantage of his wits, which we know Eyedol apparently lost after being turned into an ogre lol

Greed and power consumed him. Such a fool he was.

This back story still bugs me, not sure why.
Maybe I just wanted an interesting story about a character with two heads, but things simply did not go that way…

Crazy Idea, what if Eyedol completely revives in some jank way and he ends up with two separate heads. One head representing his humanity(not necessarily good), the other being pure Shadow lord.

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But he’s already been revived it would be kind of weird if he gets revived a second time just to have two actual heads instead of a split head, idk man it sounds very close to the shadow shadow jago logic to me lol.

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So does that mean we get a shadow eyedol then?

Only if we get a shadow omen first.

But we already have shadow shadow Jago >.>
But I was mainly thinking of an in-current-lore justification for Eyedol’s retro skin. You know, cuz they have been using them all in weird ways that make them cannon. Though I supposed they already sorta did that for Eyedol.

Yeah, he got bodied…for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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In current lore they seem to use his retro to show off other astral lords and just like @FengShuiEnergy said they got bodied by gargos much like default eyedol did.

I like the back story but I dislike the fact that they decided a two head cyclops was to weird such a weird change to me, I get why they changed his legs though

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well that can only say you are new to KI since even on Killer instinct 1 when you defeat the game using the char eyedol a lady appears “his mom” asking if he is her long lost son and eyedol just clubed her to death

yes i realy hate eyedols new design he looks soft in this one huge gut in original ki he looks legit strong

Not sure if you’re aware but Eyedol’s ending was a joke referencing the singer Billy Idol in the first KI, not something worth necro-ing an old thread over. xP

what? still saying he was human u missed the part i never sed a name just stating that he was human…