Eyedol's arrival just made the characters' size issue even worse

I like that S3 includes more big characters. IG wanted to make more use of this system than only for one character. Now there are 5 characters with camera zoom out out of 26 characters, IMO this is not that bad.

Actually I wish camera zoom could be turned permanently on in options. It would make some juggles and hitting highly launched opponent easier.


New wallpaper thank you.

yep, I’m not saying that 5 out of 26 is bad… I’m saying 5 out of 8 (S3) is too much. I don’t like the fact that season 3 is pretty much the big dudes season.

The fact that almost all the big guys came this season makes it look like there’s a lot of them, but, overall, they’re just a few.
What really bothers me is the camera zooming out during matches against them, rendering shorter characters much smaller on screen, instead of making the taller ones look bigger (like Hugo in SF4, where he almost blocks out the health bar).


Yeah I find the change in camera angle a little jarring as well, but maybe it was a development choice of aesthetics vs blocking the User Interface? Gotta choose one that doesn’t affect competitive play?

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To quote myself:

As far as I’ve seen the devs’ don’t really look at the game from a “this season” POV. They look at the overall game as a whole. Proof would be in how they handled stages this season. They didn’t say “3-4 is enough”, they said “20-21 is enough”. So like you said, 5 out of 26…not too bad…certainly not worth complaining over.

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Well, at the time of his release, Aganos was unique. He was the biggest character in the roster at the time. But life goes on and eventually we would need another equally “big” character to take on Aganos in a “clash of titans”-type match. We already knew Gargos would be coming and that he would be big, but I had high hopes (now answered) of having a monster match (mash?) between Aganos and Eyedol. Either way, we knew Gargos and Eyedol would have to be big. Their original counterparts were. As for Raam and Arbiter, well, they are big in their original games too, so there would be need for some accuracy.
At the end of the day, I don’t mind whether the character is big or small, or if we have too many tall or short characters, as long as each of them is unique. And they are.

I don’t really understand the sentiment that having more big characters somehow makes Aganos less special. I mean what, were they just supposed to not make any big characters after him because that’s his thing?

Personally, I think Aganos’ thing is that he’s a golem and that he can change the size of the stage. I guess being big was also part of that for a while, but I guess I never assumed that would last.

As for the number of big characters this season, I guess I don’t really see Tusk being in that group. To me, he’s one of the larger medium sized characters. As for Arbiter and Raam well, they’re guests, and they weren’t going to make them small given their own lore.

Gargos and Eyedol are also former bosses. If they were ever going to make characters large and imposing, it should definitely be these two, and people would’ve practically rioted if they both didn’t end up in this season.

So yeah, I think it was more just an odd coincidence than anything else. Two large guests and two boss type characters.

Now, I know that saying that doesn’t change the reality of the matter. There are still a lot of bigs in this season. I guess I don’t see what that matters so much though unless you’re isolating this season alone, away from the rest of the cast, and I’m not entirely certain why there’d be a need for that unless you really want to hone in one what this season offers.

If it’s a downside for you though, then so be it. I don’t see the need to hone in on that issue as it pertains to this season, especially considering the fact that I’d be really surprised if that happened again in season 4 (assuming / hoping there is one).

Season 3 is a product that I got hoping to get something new for my tastes. Since IG of course cannot know everyone’s taste the best bet is to have variety. Although I know all these characters play very differently I Always found myself thinking “oh… another huge slowish dude”. I feel Season 2 had the perfect balance and variety and I just expected S3 to go even more in that direction.

Mira is the character I like the most in S3 but my heart can’t handle the risk factor XD so I was hoping for something else to come, but all it came was big monster after big monsterXD

I believe it was for gameplay related reasons.

I wish this could be turned off too.

Even though I would like the opposite, I also understand the benefit of this. The more benefits I see for a toggle. I would use zoom off in principle and maybe put on for practicing juggles.


I’m my sure why people think there are a lot of big characters? There’s like what 5 or 6? There just happened to appear in the “last season.”

I guess you could call S3 the “biggest” season yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, the point the OP is making is 1 that I’ve noticed for myself for quite a while now, especially as an Aganos main, whose speed has become less about his size and more about the fact that he’s basically a heavy clump of rocks…


This game has a total of 5 “Big characters”. six or seven if you want to include Glacius and/or Thunder. Tusk is certainly not a big character, he is a beefcake, but not physically larger like Aganos and Co.

Aganos, Arbiter, Gargos, RAAM, and now Eyedol. 5 out of the 26 characters are “big”. That seems like a good amount to me.

And your thoughts about Aganos losing his “specialness” now that there are other big dudes, he is still one of the taller among them. Not only that, but Aganos is still the widest.

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He more than compensates for that with his big-■■■ sword.

Well, yes. But the screen doesn’t stretch to fit him like the other large characters.

While it’s fitting that Eyedol is beefier than Gargos, the fact that he’s also taller makes Gargos look puny and insubstantial.

In fact, Eyedol looks and feels more like a tough-arse boss than Gargos, who has cheap and downright frustrating gameplay to go up against.

And to think it was Gargos that defeated Eyedol…


The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Never discount the scrappy nature of the smaller demon, especially since he seems to be more intelligent overall - not to mention the fact that he can use portals that breach entire dimensions or that he commands a horde of minions.


Yes, I thought about all of that; however, from a visual and even visceral standpoint, there seems to be a disconnect.