With season 3 just around the corner. (Around the corner being 8 months from now) We all anticipate the reveal of new characters and the high hopes for the return of old ones. So to get the Hype Train for season 3 started, I will do so with one of my favorite characters in the KI Universe with my take on a retro and 2 variations to compliment my current version of Eyedol. So stay tuned for the artwork as it becomes available. Below is a couple of rough sketches through the process of the current piece which the other variations will be built around.


Final Draft Before Coloring


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Nice, hope he has accessories and a human alternate

Nice pics! I definitely like the first concept and the last one. He should have golden hoop ring coming out his nose.

Or in the inevitable mask he’ll have as an accessory lol


Well done dude!

Added the final draft before coloring. Two more variations on the way.


That looks amazing, great work dude!

Very nice and not bad at all too

I wish I could draw like you! But that post still very amazing. :smile:

Couldn’t figure out how to update the topic so I’ll just post the updates in the thread.

Finally got around to getting this colored version out.

This Oni variation is the next one up for what I think could be a suave classic. The legs will be changed back to what we’re all familiar with, along with a few other things as I work with the DA(Deviant Artist).

Just a update on what’s going on with the Oni variation. Going to make a few little changes to the legs among other things before dropping the color on it.

Rough & Tight Penciling for Hair & Beard