Eyedol wrong head side

Hello i noticed that when you are playing eyedol his mage head is on the right with the mage stick on the right and on the wining animation his mage head is on the left with the mage stick on the left hand side

ok update i checked again and it changes when you are in the left of the screen or right… dont know if its intentional but seems silly since the complete horn also changes from side to side depending on the side of the stage you are

His model has to be mirrored because of the way his body is oriented with different moves.


well what ever then i quit KI 3 anyways thx to the bad eyedol design and now even this lazy designs

Please be bait. For the love of God.

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Eyedol design too bad pls fix in a new patch or riot

All characters mirror image when they switch sides. Aganos, Eyedol, Tusk, …all of them.

Spinal is bad for it because of his sheild and sword

Yea, it would be much cooler if Eyedol and Spinal stood with their butts facing camera to maintain correction with left and right side, because KI is all about realism


Because it’s practical.

You guys would have difficulty breaking combos and getting reads if Eyedol’s ■■■ was in your face.

Either way, if these guys quit cause of that, well then good riddence they sound like entitled people : P

Arguing about non-mirror stances is like arguing about characters not moving in 3D and take advantage of the scenario.

I mean, just throw your opponent from Thunder’s stage! Or at Cinder’s lava!

Exactly I don’t the original poster has grasped the practicality for model mirroring. To have models not mirror for the sake of “realism” Won’t help anyone.
That’s like riding on a bike without a helmet. PERFECT reason for wearing one so ya don’t smash your head-meats.