Eyedol Warrior mode Pip cancel issues

There are 2 instances where the game uses a pip unnecessarily.

  1. When going from Opener - > Ultra. Eyedol jump cancels the opener, which extends the match.
  2. In a reset situation where I am knocked back and I immediately try to jump in again. I don’t see why this needs to take a pip.

These are the 2 issues that I have come across when trying to learn Eyedol this month. The first issue is annoying. If someone can explain the rationale behind the 2nd one, that would be great. I would rather that both don’t occur.

The jump cancelled opener is just a case of input error. Don’t take your second QCF (for the ultra) all the way to up-fwd, and the problem solves itself. No biggie.

For your second point, could you describe the situation more specifically? I haven’t noticed this behavior, so I’m having a hard time envisioning it.

I understand that the jump canceling happens because my inputs are imperfect. I am hoping that the developers can prioritize ultra inputs over utility inputs. There was a similar situation with General Raam, where his focus attack would come out during ultra motions. This was mitigated by changing the ultra input from PPP to KKK. I don’t know how it could be ‘fixed’ for Eyedol :confused:

With regards to my second issue, check this clip out. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqopyltgO5hAgxBp-edaHTdjjhYX

The situations are actually quite different between RAAM and Eyedol. In the case of RAAM, the 3P button input of Kryll Shield took priority over the QCF.3P input in cancel-to-ultra scenarios where a stock of meter was available to cancel into 3P (because they shared common buttons).

In the case of Eyedol, we are talking about directional inputs. There is no requisite uf. position for Eyedol’s Ultra, so they would have to affect how the jump cancel (uf.) is received relative to the presence of what would otherwise be received as an ultra input - presumably with a sort of buffer window? - but then, they would have to make it only available during the Danger state, otherwise it could significantly impact Opener>jump cancel in normal, intended situations. In general, it would just be an over-complicated process to solve a problem that is already solved with a little bit of input practice.

RAAM didn’t have the choice to NOT perform 3P instead of Ultra if a meter was available - he just had to not ultra at all. The problem is actually still present if you attempt a Stage Ultra under the same circumstances with RAAM, as they just swapped Ultra inputs to make the override less common.

And the second issue?

Soz, got all caught up in the former, then distracted.

Yeah, that’s weird. Looks like a bug. I can’t tell if it’s actually cancelling the “landing recovery” of the combo-broken flip out, or just taking the pip without cancelling anything at all. Either way, that shouldn’t happen.

Have you reported it in the Bug Report Thread? Contrary to what some folks would have you believe, the devs do in fact keep up on the forums, and the Bug Report Thread is the best way to help them out with that endeavor (regarding reporting bugs, that is).

EDIT: Wasn’t trying to be condescending, by the way. Lots of folks have trouble finding the official thread.

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