Eyedol vs Kan-Ra Gameplay video!

We can clearly see his intro and outro!

Dont know if this was already posted tho


Its new to me, thanks!

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I was just going to edit my post and tag you xD

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It was good to see the intro and outro but whomever was playing didn’t know what to do with that mage head at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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IMO its the IA, but not sure!

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Well the AI needs to spend some time in the dojo. lol


thanks for posting this, such a good job on the S3 characters

Another observation is that he didn’t purposefully switch heads very much. Or use the abilities that gain benefits for the other head.

That guy playing sucks! Seriously. He clearly hasn’t played Eyedol much if at all, and he clearly didn’t check out the walkthrough for tips/advice.

I know all of this because I was the sucker playing.


Cool! Can anyone tell me what did Eyedol’s outro say?

He just roars, doesn’t talk

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Oh, thank you for tell me.

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Wow, so punching himself actually deals a fair amount of damage to himself. And that was only one punch. People are gona be salty when they don’t have much health left and want to switch faces and end up giving the opponent free damage/wins.

@rukizzel is there recovery frames on face switching? Can you punish it? Also does his face switching have guts scaling on it?

IMO the damage it’s very small. You can see it very soon in the match

That looks like a decent chunk. I wager 10 damage a punch and it will add up if you want to switch manually but the other face doesn’t want to wake up. You could end up doing 11% to yourself on that alone.

Looks no more than a jab for me. If you have time and space to take the 4hits in a row probably you aren’t being pressured. IMO it’s OK.

Jabs do 8-12 damage…

So… what’s the problem?

A controlled stance switch will be op, so damage and time are the cons

No problem for me. It’s an advantage I plan to exploit for myself against him. I have no intentions of playing the abomination. I only wish to crush him under the heel of my boot.

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Would love to set it up between us :slight_smile: