Eyedol trainingm ode

Anyway to make eyedol stay on 1 mode while in training mode. Getting real annoying having to return back to mage or warrior mode when you want to stay on one.

Either you can use his random switching to get acustomed to the switching or sit in infinite instinct. Those are really the only options.

Bumping this up as it’d be great to practice one head exclusively for a while.

Honestly, every character w/ a unique resource (Eyedol stances/pips, Maya pips, Spinal skulls, Aganos chunks, etc.) should have a toggle available in the Training menu to adjust as needed and save, so when resetting in Training it resets you to your designated value. This would make both practicing and learning characters so much less of a pain.

It seriously shouldn’t be so annoying learning a character as complex as a KI character. But, I’ve said this all before in the BUFFPRACTICEMODE thread, so please head over there and add your voice, keep the bump-train a-goin’!