Eyedol stage idea

Let me paint the landscape for you.

A large open field with rolling hills in the background.
A cloudy purple sky with lighting bolts peppering the scene.
Small fires dotted across the landscape giving off red lighting effects on the ground.
Bodies of fallen warriors, both of Eyedol’s and Gargos’ species decorating the land.
Catapults and large war-beast carcasses all around covered in arrows and other weapons.
Swords, spears and axes stuck in the ground.
Maybe a few skulls on spikes.

Basically an epic battleground, all of the bodies are cold and grey, its a necrotic scene that would perfectly fit Eyedol’s new design. Perhaps where Kan-Ra found his body chopped in two, with a giant portal opening upon Ultra activation that releases some kind of creepy lost souls and a large monster that starts feeding on the carrion as the storm intensifies.

Sorry I just had this image in my head and I had to type it out, the purple clouds and red fire is meant to remind you of the original KI logo since Eyedol is the OG boss of KI. :sweat:


At this point I’d even be happy with something simpler resembling his KI1 stage, a bridge over lava.


Perhaps a temple with thematic statues of the war god’s split personality, entombing a bridge over a swirling portal to the astral realm… Or lava.

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Thing is, we already got the 3 stages announced in the season, plus a simple space-like stage for Gargos… that’s why I’m not really expecting anything for Eyedol :confused:

I’m not expecting any new stages, per se. I’m just putting out some wishful thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well yeah, none of us expect free stages come out any time soon but there’s an optimistic approach that most of us have taken in hopes that they’ll make them some time down the road.