Eyedol Quest Question

What is the name of the quest to unlock Eyedol. If I was to look in the Archive what would I find the story for his quest to be under. Also what happened’s in the quest line I don’t know if I have been doing just a random new quest or if the Eyedol one.

The first part i believe is Kan-Ra’s request, or something along those lines.

I haven’t been paying attention to the name’s of the quest when I came across them so I don’t know if I have done that one or not and i’m mid way but I cant fined Kan-Ra’s request anywhere in the archive not even in the locked files.

Okay I found the quest and beat it I brought Eyedol back fought him about half a dozen times turned to stone so how come I didn’t unlock him?

When I did the questline spoilers ahead, be wary I fought him over and over again until the final fight with him which took place in the Astral Plane. At that point I had an option to either kill or recruit him, and I elected to recruit him, which unlocked him in the mode. If you do the quest line again, be careful about your selections since I believe whether or not you get him is dependent on them. Hope this helps man

Dem that’s the options I had to but I turned him to stone instead.

Luckily from what I understand, if Eyedol has not been unlocked the questline should pop up again, so you’ll get another chance, just might take a few playthroughs before it shows up again. Best of luck friend, he’ll be yours soon enough :slight_smile: