Eyedol most requested returning character

Anyone remember in this vid where there was a poll asking the KI fans who you wanted to see return in KI? Even though it was edited out, Eyedol was the top vote at 40% even tho he looks ridic I still would love to see him back in a complete redesign no satyr bottom Agni from smite double headed (demonic look tho). Even though lobby hates him I still hope he at least took that into consideration


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no satyr bottom Agni from smite double headed
[/quote]But that’s one of the parts I thought looked cool about him.

I honestly think that adding Eyedol and making him appeal to a wide audience would be a huge challange. I know that he personally does not appeal to me and they would need to do a real number on him to change my mind. But then again, it doesn’t really matter what I thin, does it?

no it doesn’t. Fighting games have so many characters, not every character will appeal to everyone. The goal should be to have a nice, diverse roster.

KI does the roster the best IMHO.



It would be cool if he were a secret boss, similar to Oni Akuma from USF4 or some other insane to reach character in a fighting game.

Like 5 Supremes, 5 Ultras, No Continues and Hard difficulty or higher. Then at the end similar to Shago you face an absurd version of Eyedol. One to complement his original.

Aside from that, I wouldn’t mind if he were in the game, not personally attached to playing him but the more the merrier!

Yeah it’s look super ridiculous especially in this new gen

Eyedoll is, no doubt, often requested. I think it’s more of a nostalgia issue than anything to do with his particular character design or relevance to the franchise. I mean, even in KI 1 he was kind of tacked on because tough boss fights were a thing back then (and stealing your quarters).

I am pretty neutral on Eyedol returning. I certainly understand the nostalgia and the “completeness” of the old roster from earlier games. But he wasn’t a big favorite of mine. I think we can already see, though, that any deviance from the original is going to leave people dissatisfied. So the idea of a useful or more fitting redesign for Eyedol is a challenge. There sort of between a rock and a hard place on this one.

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True that I agree but honestly I think ppl just want to see him regardless and well if it goes as far as bringing the original back that can be done also for those ones

its teh D&D player in me; i love monsters. Eyedol was a great design IMHO since not many fighting games have offbeat characters. Its all boring people. MK has had goro and motaro over the years. KI now has aganos, and before had a dinosaur. I want to see more of that. Eyedol, with modern graphics would look awesome. The harder part is making a cool moveset. I’d keep him as a strong bruiser. Maybe have his instinct mode cause him to take less damage. Keep him a simpler character would also be ideal i think…

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I personally think making modern Eyedol more DOOM inspired would be the best option.

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I originally thought that but seeing that they did a fantastic job revamping Maya, they could do great with Eyedol IMO.

Well of course Eyedol is the most requested returning character! Outside of the other boss character, Gargos, he’s the only returning character left to have not officially, in some capacity, returned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well Shago isnstull coming soin:P. When will his new moveset arrive?

Eyedol needs to come back!

If Aganos having a club presents a problem, give him a big Flail or ball and chain!

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