EyeDol - Let's redo the topic with the ideas for the character

That old topic that had comments from Isgreen, who had hundreds of images and ideas is gone! (or I can not find?) then we will update it again.

Let’s put our ideas, concepts and how we would like to see the NEW EyeDol.

Remember It has to be different and innovative. Producers have been very clear that it MUST be new to be cool. Even because he’s a character with very little popularity

Well, I put again my two concepts, the Eyedol 3 arms is what I like best, with his two battle instances, brute strength and magic. I have some new ideas to the heads, I’ll post during the week.


I like them both, perhaps my favourite is the first for his general appearance.
What I’d like more would be the first one with three arms (asimmetry is cool).
And, as a side note, I like almost all your KI concepts on deviantart, great work.

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I like the second one much better. The 2 heads are iconic. My idea for Idol is to have dual stances, similar to Riptor when she enter predator mode or Aria swapping bodies. Basically, he would have 2 different play-styles, one offensive and one defensive. Of course, just like Aria I would want him to have access to 2 specials no matter what stance he’s in. The other 2 would of course cater to that specific head.

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