Eyedol General Discussion

Did not see this thread yet, thought I might as well make it. I’ll start us off…

I think that mage stance is somewhat underplayed because of it’s reliance on special moves and being out of a combo. Because mage is doing more moves out of a combo, the odds of switching back to warrior increase much faster than the odds of switching to mage. I think their are two ways to adjust this. Either make it so it is less likely to switch back to warrior or make it so Eyedol can switch during combos (the latter of which would be a bit jarring).

Eyedol is bonkers right now and I agree that Mage is undervalued a bit right now. I’ll be curious to see what nerfs he gets outside of the J.HP next patch.

I think they could also make it so the crushing roar and tele-strike deal zero damage. Your already getting a charge, you don’t really need the damage.

Eyedol got patched, lets start the conversation new.

One thing this patch hurt was my double stagger off qcb+hp -> f+mp. The slow down to f+mp made this not work, but now its actually a pretty decent reset off dp+hp stagger! So not the worst thing in the world.

I don’t think anything about the current patches hurt him that much.

What kind of thigns do people like to do with Eyedol? My main goal is to get them into the standing stagger state from qcb+hp or f+mp and then use that to start mixups in Warrior mode and in Wizard Mode im usually just keeping my distance building pips when possible and going for damage.

Finally one setup I really like is, post qcf+hp ender, and you switch to wizard mode, do qcf+hp (they should pop out really high) then link qcb+pp, cancel into instinct and mixup highs and lows with the meteors raining down.

Yeah, I was amazed that Eyedol did not get hit harder.

Well what that says to me is the design team understands him a lot better than the people randomly banning him at tourneys (!!! wtf) and other people who make unfounded complaints against him

It’s like reverse Kan Ra…

What are your thoughts on bad matchups for Eyedol? I am really to green to say what I think is truly a bad match or not but I think Jago is very hard to beat consistently as he has ways to invalidate a lot of stuff you do. I think this is a great match for showing KI style Footises. Provided Eyedol doesn’t get rushed down in Wizard mode cause of a bad switch.

What, he’s still banned?? I thought that was only until his j.hp was nerfed last patch?

I am not sure, someone said in Discord he was still banned. Hopefully thats not actually true lol cause yeah after the j.hp fix it was def not so crazy, there wasn’t a legit mixup between throw or j.hp.

Still not sure what to do in Wizard mode when I don’t already have match control. Maybe I just need to work on crating more space but the changes to bolt speeds are actually more significant than I thought. People seem to have a much easier time navigating the Bolt’s in neutral now thanks to the longer recovery period. One thing I need to work on is maybe going for something at pushes more space instead of meaty Meteor when I hit combos in Wizard mode.

Speaking of Combos in Wizard mode, as I have often expressed the KV change to qcf+p ender is really frustrating for me, but what is even Crazier is the KV hasn’t changed for the qcb+k ender in Wizard mode, so if you end with qcb+k in Wizard and then get a random transform you can actually do a much longer combo (provided they dont’ break) I assume the couldn’t change this because it would mess up follow ups to launcher in Wizard mode.

Anyway I am not sure where I think Eyedol is right now, I am still learning a lot of matchups and trying to find the appropriate neutral against all the characters, but he seems probably in the top 10 in the game?

I’m not sold on the hole Gargos Killing Eyedol thing. Eyedol use to be the stronger of the two but now it seems like the other way around.

I’m crazy, gonna ask for a buff:

Qcf-p ender in mage stance gives a ridiculously low amount of meter. I mean, REALLY low.

IMO the most devastating nerf for me is mage’s j.hp. Maybe it was too much, but now its VERY worse. For the rest, I like Eyedol a lot.

I super agree with this. It provides the meter of a Glacius battery ender while doing the damage of, say, a firecracker ender with Kim. It should either do more damage or provide the meter of a normal battery ender.


I never use that ender because meteor Ender or Launcher Ender both offer so much more utility. I am never starving for meter with Eyedol so its pretty meh.

The J.hp change really hurts Wizard but I think the reason it feels extra bad is you can’t run,and your projectile game is worse thanks to the slowed down Bolt. Especially because now to get the full effect of his zoning you HAVE to use projectiles you will definitley switch in a few reps, I don’t know why it mattered that it was strong, beyond I guess the frustration of good zoning.

Once you check out his backstory it makes more sense why.