Eyedol feedback. he's just... annoying

Big damage? What combo setup are you doing? I am not joking, I really want to know. I guess I am practicing the wrong combos. The only time I see big damage is with instinct and 2 shadow meters.

After any jump HP, Eyedol can do whatever he wants, including recapture with heavy DP or the medium punch overhead (at some point), launch with medium DP and then recapture after, or keep ground bouncing them with club and then cash out with shadow DP if you want. He has tons of paths to getting damage here that involve all strengths to make them unpredictable for breaking (and can recapture with either a heavy or a medium move).

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Also, he can go for the MP Uppercut>juggle and wind up with a random Upper>Mage and only end up with cr.HPxf.3K into the zoning and keep out game, for comparably piddly damage (but a charge for if/when you switch back). I think that makes for a pretty neat balancing factor, especially when considering that switch could happen at any point in his scary j.HP-enabled sequences, and you gotta be ready for it (but without expecting it, if that makes sense). When the transition comes instead from any of the Clobber bounces, it’s considerably more difficult to follow up on (in my experience, anyway - this is mitigated with practice, for sure). Additionally, if/when the switch happens it’s good-bye to the cashout (unless you’re ready with an INSX cancel.)

Y’know, it seems like there’s a lot of possible variables here. I LOVE VARIABLES!

To be fair, though, in my experience at least, there seems to be a bit more time as Warrior than Mage. At the very least Instinct is more Warrior than Mage, as it uses the Warriors buttons and overlays the Mage specials (but delayed by initial fire of the Warrior special) - so you’ll at least have an extra 15-30 seconds of Warrior guaranteed per match.

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