Eyedol combos/tech + online highlights

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Hope you guys get some tech out of this


Nice video! And I appear in it! (OUCH!)

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Thanks man , noice gargos btw

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Not enough yet, I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Eyedol is nuts!

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Good stuff my man! :smiley:


Isn’t the counter breaker combo [ HP double > LP linker > HP double > LP linker > HP double > ender ] breakable just before the ender?
Sick dash cancels btw

Man Eyedol’s fullscreen electric carpet always gets me. Do I block low? Do I jump? How do I know when its coming? Right now when I see it I think “fireball! Block high!”.

Depends on what character you use.


Well jago…you have two options excluding block.

Shaodw windkick or Shadow counter.

You could also do a late dp but that requires you to be roughly point blank range and wait a few frames after the freeze.

Shago is the same thing.

Shadow slide or shadow counter.


seriously tho I dont have a lot of Eyedol exp, is his zap carpet a low move? Or is it unblockable? Maybe its because Im panicking from all the meteors falling on me but I dont know if Ive ever blocked that move in a match.

You can shadow counter his shadow bolt strike (the full screen projectile). You can shadow counter really anything to be honest. Question is then will it work or not.

Low bolt strike is well… a low.

can Eyedol do something like crouch lk into warrior pi jump mk reliably in a match? It seems to do well vs tall characters from an estimate.

Hmmm I realized that the only opener you seem to be able to combo into off a light in Mage stance is Shadow Stomp? Interesting…

And what the hell is up with that shadow counter? I can never convert off it LUL.

Hop by and say hi. :slight_smile:

:zap: Pt. 26/29 - EYEDOL :point_up:

You can get more openers from a standing LK, the rest don’t have enough hitstun though particularly crouching LK.

You can convert off shadow stomp strike but you have to be quite quick, it will only hit 2-3 times and you have to basically straight away convert into an auto double or linker, or you can delay slightly for an easy manual.