EYE DOL ELECTRICITY attack problem

@developers Are the team really ok with the fact that eyedol low electricity attack is invulnerable against low invulnerable attacks? @Infilament
I mean , i got a character with low attack inv move, but when eyedol spam grounded electricity full screen i can not pass up of that move im forced to jump, is it what the team really wants?
are the hitbox for that grounded electricity not too big? if its a low attack , so why can i not pass above of it with any low inv attack like with orchid flick flack.
can someone explain me pls, i need serious help guyz , ive tried to deal with it in practice but that move is too OP to escape

Even in instinct this character is really garbage.

It’s beaten by several low invulnerable moves, shotgun knee is also a pretty bad low crush, as it has ridiculously good advantages elsewhere, mainly being it’s speed, pushback and overall difficulty to punish. Can’t say I particularly want another reason for you to just keep doing it without really giving it any thought. You have multiple ways to navigate it including jumping over it, blocking and walking and waiting until doing lightning attacks makes Eyedol switch.

I got what you mean but i was not about aria mu on here i was about characters like sadira, orchid and maybe others characters with low inv attacks who does not work against that move.
And if you block it, he can immediately throw a meteor at fastest speed when you are still in blockstun.

Low lightning is over -10 so no he can’t.

Those characters also have low crush moves that will beat low lightning, you need to be in range to do so however.

Low invul attacks aren’t mean to be used to avoid low projectiles, they are more suited to avoid low physical attacks

To avoid low projectiles you have projectile invul attacks, and of course blocking and jumping


You’re spacing is off. Low crush doesn’t usually mean “low Dodge” where you can do the move full screen.

Little tip for eyedol, When he’s in warlock mode. Get in his face. Then flick flack will low crush and counter hit at the same time when you make the read (or react) to low lightning.

When he’s in warrior mode, zone him out or Shadow counter him all day :slight_smile: