Extremely long server login (stuck at Syncing to Ultratech Servers

I’ve recently bought KI, so I’m not sure if this was always the case, but whenever I boot the game it spends a huge amount of time doing its server calls. By extremely long I mean longer than Strive at launch. Now, I don’t think a fix or server maintenance is coming for an six year old game, but is there anything I can do to have a decent boot time? A program like Totsugeki or any specific port that needs forwarding? People have suggested starting the game in offline mode, but I want to play online so that’s a no-go. Any suggestions?


I have the same problem and it’s extremely annoying. People are suggesting using Steam in offline mode, what a PITA, MS should fix it

I’m having this same issue. It seems to mostly be affecting the Steam version of the game. Microsoft Store and Xbox go through this process rather quickly. I hope this gets addressed.

I am also having this error. It takes a few minutes it feels like to get past the server screen. Can we have an option to bypass server login?

same here

This is happening for everyone, and it’s no news.
At this point I doubt they’ll bother to fix it.
The upcoming update gives us some gleam of hope, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

yeah still running into the same problem here… hoping this gets fixed in the anniversary update