Extinction is Overrated - Riptor Tech Thread

Financing still not available, but here’s come tech!

Some of the tec here still works , all tail-flip combos dont work as well as any combo starting off from a flame carpet .

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but backrun+HK into light tailflip is a 40kv recap. (With pretty tight timing, of course.) Stuff off of backrun+HK in general seems pretty interesting, you can juggle with mortars and if your timing is perfect you can do a single mortar juggle into LK flipout, which is pretty chaotic to be on the receiving end of.

Forward run into HK seems really good now: I was expecting it to be unsafe on block, but it’s something like -2 (!!). It can be beaten on startup fairly easily if your opponent is being a little aggressive, but if you can condition them a bit with forward run + HP and whatnot then it’s kinda like a safe slide, and the options off a hit are great. Since tailflip hits from midscreen you might have a legitimate midscreen high threat to back it up with as well.