Exposed: New form of Trolling in matches

Maybe Im imagining this but it seems
like when I beat somebody hard, instead of rage
quitting, they let the menu [Where you select rematch]
just sit there.

This is happening alot to me.
Some times Ill just wait to see how long they
leave it, and they will leave it until I leave.

So I guess you can add this to the list of
nonsense people come up with in gaming.

I call it "hanging around’ lol

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Hmm, when it comes to menu it’s usually someone radically moving the selection. I could see someone just being a tool and just sitting there but it’s hard to tell because they could be updated their shadow.

Nonetheless, I will leave if someone is just sitting there for too long.

I wondered maybe their doing something else
or whatever but I noticed it only really happens
when they get beat a lot, or lose badly.

In that case, I would say it’s someone trolling. Are they a lower rank? Not to pick on lower ranks or anything but I usually notice Bronze players desperate for a win. When they win by either sheer luck or a lack of effort they will usually sit in the selection menu, radically move the selections or leave. Makes 'em feel better I suppose.

Actually i think so.
Better players will just leave when there

Yes that too.
Its to get in your head, and replace
the feeling of victory with something else.

Ive seen this a lot! they do it so you have to quit and leave match so they “aren’t the ones that leave”

Its super annoying.

Im not gonna lie…Ive done this before to a trolling 2x ultra tea bagger. But Ive had it done to me many many times.


If I ever do this, it’s generally cause I’m not on mic and I’m about to shoot you a “GG/Hi!/Gotta go” message, but by the time the gamer card has loaded up and I’m compiling the message, a lot of the time my opponent has already left (I’m not talking about a long message either, usually just one sentence). The Xbox app loading gamer cards or chat just seems to take forever on PC, at the very least it’s around 30 seconds, so maybe it could be that.

Also in response to moving the selections, are you sure people aren’t just trying to play “The Instinct” with the selection music queues in perfect timing? Cause I do that sometimes, fun Easter egg is fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

makes sense but I never get messaged and alot of time the selection always leads to user leaving
unless there going to make me wait.

if they wanna troll by making me wait, ill troll em back by making them wait for me. ill get off the game, and go lie down for a bit looking at my phone to see who is coming over, or ill go downstairs and do a couple chores. if i return and they’re still there waiting for me to leave i lol, and play zelda on my switch haha

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my favourite method of disrespect is jumping on corpses. In game too.

This is a very standard occurrence.
We’re here for sets.
You wasted my time with bagging and excessive celebration…

speaking of tea, ill go grab one. You wait.