Explain Combo breakers

I’m not new to killer instinct or anything but when S3 came I thought they said no more knock downs but when my juggle gets broke it get knocked down which happens all the time but early today when I did maya’s heavy kick linker I got knocked down. can anyone explain to me how this works?

Combo breakers no longer put the combo broken player in a HARD knockdown state. They either flip out or go into SOFT knockdown. Soft knockdowns are always quick rise, so they should leave the breaking player about even to the broken one, so there are no hard knockdown setups you can use after combo breaking.

Breaking the combo was seen as enough of a momentum changer, the hard knockdown was too much as it allowed a complete shift from offense to defense rather than just a simple return to neutral. In some instances, combo breakers still create soft knockdowns but both players are pretty much back to neutral when the exchange is complete.

Ground-to-ground combo breakers cause flipout and nobody gets knocked down.

If the defensive player is in the air, then they get a soft knockdown (it’s actually the “blow out” state, like when your KV goes too high).

So there are two possible outcomes of a combo breaker depending on whether the defense is in the air or not.