Expanding 2way Interaction pre post

I’ve been considering posting a large amount of gameplay mechanics suggestions. It’s been on the table for a few years now.

I have tried to break them down and take away the more work needed to implement. Mostly using existing animations for some. A few of the ideas in general are a bit too different to even be considered. So I’d just post a healthy chunk of info an images.

Not that it would be worth posting with any chance of it at all being considered. But would the forums enjoy some expanded gameplay options ideas? If I do it it will include sketches of a made up character for visualizing the game mechanics.

Or should I not, and just save that for nationals? -TMI

You’d be surprised just how many decent suggestions end up getting traction in the game. They’ve just gotta be damned decent!

Let’s see what’s on your mind, why not?

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I second what Marble said, you may get flak for your ideas but that happens with almost anything. But you will also be appreciated, and who knows maybe one of your ideas or an idea inspired by them gets included in the game.