EXP Share

So I thought of this a while back but forgot to pitch it, oops.
(It’s probably been suggested, too.)

So maybe you know how it is, you’ve levelled a character to 50 and realised after a match that the XP you’ve just earned is meaningless.

What if it wasn’t?

I’d like to suggest letting that XP “bleed” into other characters.
So, since KI has 26 characters. If you have a maxed character and complete a match, maybe every other character could get 1/25th of that XP. Obviously the more Level 50s you have, the larger the fraction they would receive.
And then you can still level the characters you don’t really like playing as as you leave them until last.

But what if you don’t own all characters? Well, tough. Every character you don’t have would still be taken into account in the fractioning. Or maybe make this only available for people with every character.

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Alternatively, but posting in the same topic because it’s on a similar track…

What about an XP share item you could equip on a certain character? Then they would receive a portion (maybe half) of all XP earned regardless of who you’re playing as.

The whole point of the character XP is to get you to play those characters though - it wouldn’t make sense to play only 1 character and get the unlocks of another character.

The same argument could be made for paying to unlock stuff, yet it happens. And in all honesty that’s really the point of the long grind…to frustrate you enough to want to just throw money at it to unlock them. All free to play games do this.

personally I would like to see some XP sharing, simply because working on getting good with a character beyond L50 is almost punished by the current system when it comes to unlocking stuff, which I might add can be short-cut with purchased XP bonuses.

But there are certain things you still can’t earn without the long grind itself.

To be fair traditional RPG style play does tend to share XP with the entire party and if it doesn’t there are sometimes items that allow for XP sharing. Shadow Lords isn’t your traditional fighting game campaign so I think a little XP sharing feature could go a long was to inspire folks to try out characters they normally wouldn’t.

not really certain things, just color 9.

Outside of SL, though, KI is NOT like a traditional RPG, and IMO, it shouldn’t be.

Ah, yeah I guess I kind of just assumed this was about SL. :sweat_smile:

That’s what I get for trying to post on the forums from my phone when I’m this tired.