Exhibitions vs ranked

I enjoy playing exhibition much more than I do ranked because I find more people than I do when I play ranked. I consider myself to be a high level play so I’ll seek out other killers in exhibition and sometimes visit ranked when I’m having issues finding good people in exhibition, anyways today I played a fulgore that was lvl 44 against a lv"50 character of mine, I beat him twice and then he switched to aria which was a lvl 50 and beat me once and then quit. This upset me because I have no experience against aria. He then messaged me and said that “I shouldnt go in so hard like it’s ranked” which kind of puzzled me because I was under the impression that when you play ki you should play to win regardless of if your wins are being recorded to be held against other players amount of wins to have bragging rights or whatever. If your playing a low level character in exhibition how can you learn and get better with a character you don’t use much if your not trying to play your best? What is the difference between ranked and exhibition besides having wins recorded? Should I play ranked from now on because the ki community is in agreement that exhibition is meant for sandbagging?

I love using exhibition for learning new characters - I’m currently working on Cinder, ARIA, and Hisako now. I’m pretty up-front about it too; I let my opponents know that I’m using a character that I’m not too familiar with and sometimes even ask them to pick a character they’re not as familiar with to level the playing field - you’d be surprised at how many people are willing to do that.

Sure, there’s always going to be a hot-head or 2 that just wants to pick on the little guy to show how arrogant they are (there’s more than 1 way to show how “good” you can be) instead, but that’s what makes exhibition so great - you can choose to stay or go.

I also like the fact that if I find a good matchup, I can keep playing that opponent over and over to my heart’s content. For example, if I come close to beating him, but not quite, I have the option of trying again or choosing another character to try something different. Ranked doesn’t give you that luxury.

That being said, since exhibition is generally reserved for casual play, you might find It a bit harder to win in ranked - I know I do. With ranked, it’s the ultimate test of skill, because (assuming your both killer rank), you only get a maximum of 3 fights to prove yourself. It’s also good for variety, since you’re (almost) always playing somebody different, but the trade off is that you may not have enough time to learn from your mistakes if you’re consistently beaten into the ground.

So should I only use a character I plan on maining in ranked? I have played ranked before I was in top 32 at the end of June but just stayed in exhibition after

Ranked is ok but I love playing in exhibition. I’ve had some real wars with opponents, sometimes for an hour or more at a time, because our skills are pretty evenly matched so we just keep going at it to try and best one another.

I usually start with my main but will rotate around the cast depending on how the matches are going. At that point it’s also very respectful which makes it that much more enjoyable.

they both work well for me.

No. You just had one salty jerk who didn’t like that you beat him the first two games. It happens. Move on. People play exhibition for every reason under the sun - including the opportunity for runbacks and longer sets, practice, matching up with lower ranked players that they can actually beat. Whatever. If someone doesn’t want to play you, they can just leave. It’s inappropriate to send people rude messages just for playing the game. The guy was wrong, and he doesn’t reflect any kind of consensus opinion of the KI community.

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Sounds like the typical online opponent. If you fight back your the bad guy…then you get TB or taunted and maybe even a nasty message to follow. I never understood the people that act this way. You give them a good match and they get pissedoff.
that’s the online environment for you… we here that seem to have a level head about playing online are just the minority…the majority of online players are like this…period.

I would go to most recent players, find his shadow and just kick the crap out of it. let that be you message.

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