Exactly how does ragequit protection work?

I know that if your opponent disconnects in ranked you get a notification and still get your points for winning the match. But what does your opponent see?

Something like “You disconnect mid match, you have been credited with a loss.”

From what I remember, the Rage Quitter receives a loss and point penalty while being placed in the Jail System for repeat offense(?) which will only pair them with other Rage Quitters.

Thanks for the replies people. Though it seems we still don’t know for sure. Has anyone in these forums actually been slapped with a RQ penalty before?

Well my internet goofed a few times and it happened for a bit.

Is the jail system even still a thing? I don’t think it is.

I might risk it and try it with my alt. Anyone curious enough for me to do it?

I thought it only existed in Season 1?

@TheKeits @rukizzel

I’m pretty sure it was taken out (and I think it was a vote too).

Now it just automatically give the non-quitter the win.