EVO Top 8 Prediction Thread

Alright guys. We’re 4 days away from Killer Instinct at it’s 3rd EVO! The game has evolved heavily in the past couple of years with new tech/ characters. Lots of new faces this year as well. With that being said, who do you predict will end up in the top 8? Here is my prediction:

  1. Sleep (Arbiter/ Glacius/ Soup connoisseur)
  2. Thompson (Jago)
  3. Bass (Spinal/ Cinder)
  4. Rico (everyone?)
  5. Nicky (Fulgore)
  6. Pink Diamond (Maya)
  7. MyGod (Sabrewulf)
  8. Waterhorses (Glacius)

I don’t think Rico is making it this year.

I’m hoping we get 1 or 2 Japanese dark horses.

I’m pulling for Grief to make it.

Is GutterMagic going?

If Bass makes it, I think it will be because he used Jago. It seems Spinal and Cinder have fallen off this season, still strong, but not strong enough.

I kind of hope that MyGod wins this year. A win from him using Wulf would completely change the dynamic around the game.

At the same time though, Thompxson winning the “triple crown” with Jago (even if Jago is a top 5 character this season) would be a great story.

Pffft what? Bass still says he plays both characters a lot, especially Cinder. They’re not bad by any means (Cinder is better than in S2 if you ask me, and he’s one of my mains).

I don’t think Sleep will make 1st place (although I’d personally like to see it after his loss at CEO against Thompxson).

What about that guy that played Riptor at CEO? I forget his name off the top of my head. He was good and gave Storm a heck of a fight.

Fyha Liger - Damien is his real name I believe.

Take anything I say with a grain of salt. I think Cinder and Spinal will help in certain matchups, but I think Jago will be the character that will make the most difference in his run if he makes it.

  1. Nicky (Fulgore)
  2. Sleep (Arbiter)
  3. Thompson (Jago)
  4. Bass (Cinder)
  5. MyGod (Sabrewulf)
  6. Fiyah Liger (Riptor)
  7. Crazy LCD (Kim Wu)
  8. swordsman09 (Cinder)

I think 1 particular individual will surprise us all. :slight_smile:

  1. @STORM179

Heh. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on me making Top 8. My personal stretch goal is Top 16 :joy: It would be pretty awesome if I could do better though, and I’ll certainly try my hardest to make that happen! :thumbsup:

@KevBones10 - LCD isn’t going to EVO, so we won’t get to see his Kim I’m afraid. I’m hoping one of the Japanese mains her though; I always enjoy seeing high-level Kim.

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Dear diary: Day 20XX. I am still crying in the corner alone.

I want to say he is since he’s now sponsored by Ultra Arcade but I’m not 100% sure.

  1. Justin Wong, TJ.
  2. Lcd, Eyedol.
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis, Cammy.
  4. Keits, D.va.
  5. Maximilian, the eight character.
  6. Guttermagic, Riptor.
  7. Moonlight ninja, Retro Thunder.
  8. Sleep, Fulgore.
  1. Rash
  2. Shago
  3. Maya
  4. riptor
  5. Sadira
  6. Arbiter
  7. Gargos
  8. Raam

Wouldn’t that just be insane if Wong really did make top 8 with TJ… my head would probably explode.

Wong wouldn’t win with tj he is too offensive he would win with, orchids or Kim wu.

Aw man! I’m disappointed… : /

Is Omen still winning in Japan? Would be awesome to see one in top 8.

You did very good at CEO. I honestly thought all the people on the boards (save a few like Swordsman) were only at my level, but you gave Bass a real run for his money. I wonder how many others on here are relative unknowns skill wise.

Best of luck at Evo. You do the boards proud, Lol!

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You guys better root for me too :slight_smile:


Nah…eff that SonicDolphin guy… :smirk:

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