EVO Online KI registration link

KI returns at EVO was announced this week and the link for the registration has also been shared.
Registration fee is $15 and for now there is no limit in amount of players but since it is the first time they host it, they might run into some limits in how many matches they can manage, so register NOW!

If you ever wanted to compete with the best in the world this is your chance!

Link removed, new link be will posted


the link was remove

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This is correct. @RoTeNdO will be sharing the official link once it is out. Eveeyone already registered will get a full refund

Any idea why it was removed?

Yes Rotendo posted the registration link too fast and there will be an official EVO smash.gg bracket to sign up for. No worries as Rotendo has been with the EVO hosting their tournaments for years. Just a little more patience :slight_smile:


what I signed up for, and now the link disappeared?