EVO Japan 2019

Three titles confirmed so far:

Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6
BB Cross Tag Battle

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Did not want to create a whole new thread to ask this but…

I am reading a lot of Japanese tweets about Evo-J and 90% of it is negative. Any idea what might have happened last year?

I could not attend myself so I am curious about this negativity, especially coming from Japanese players / FG fans who usually hold back a lot of their true opinions and feelings… not trying to create a thread to pile on TOs but I am a bit worried for attendance numbers next year reading these twitter posts.

Eh, not really. I actually had a really good time last year, but I only played Xrd (1-2), and afterward just played KI all day with the Japanese scene in the BYOC area. I wasn’t really competing so can’t speak to the overall organization of things, though I know Infinite got pretty shafted.

As an attendee/spectator I had a really good time though. I thought main Evo was badly organized the year I went though, so wouldn’t be too surprised to find that Evo Japan had similar issues.

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Thanks, I see. Was wondering if it’s just a case of being overly critical with non-Japanese organizers or perhaps a more valid reason.

Also, this year it’s not held in Tokyo, not even in Osaka (2nd city), but in Kyushu in the west of the country so everyone from abroad needs to book an additional flight to Kyushu (i.e. additional funds needed)… I had not realized this change of venue/ city but it creates a situation where I need to take days off if I were to attend…which I was planning :cry:

Funny that the actual city is censored on this forum: “Fu kuoka-city” so cannot write it without putting in a space.

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Obviously SFV and DBZ will be there too right ?

Although I’m really curious to see what BBTAG’s Top 8 is going to look like… All Japanese or Diverse like the Developers wanted… hmmmm… all it takes is one gaijin to break the cycle.