EVO 2016 [Schedule][Ki on saturday]

Ki will be streaming here;

www.twitch.tv/srkevo2 (pools and top 72)
www.twitch.tv/srkevo1 (top 8)


Everyone, remember to laugh at the ignorant fanboys who have been declaring “KI is dead” for 3 years. I’m sure they’ll be in the stream as well, spreading their ignorance to the masses.


All I really care about is KI and GG… the rest is snoozefest.

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Thanks. But damn that is a messy picture.
Hopefully I can find a day by day schedule somewhere.

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Its not!

The numbers 4,3,2 or 1 is the streamer.


Fri: friday
Sat: saturday
Sun: sunday

Aw… I didn’t know you cared so much about me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really want to go to EVO but the sad thing is i live in the UK.
Someone please play the sad violin music. :sob:


Anyone have the Saucy Suite graphic?

@Valoraxe is there representing the UK and apparently 2 more UK players, but yeah I get what you mean. Make sure to sign up for VSFighting at the start of August in Birmingham, signups close I the 19th so not long left to go. It is already the largest offline tournament the UK has ever seen for KI and should be a fun and exciting event.

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Hype! :astonished:

It has begun! (It’s EVO and this forum is surprisingly dead)

Just woke up, I’m lazy. Get hype! KI TIME!

man, I’ve been waiting for this

Still waiting on the EVO logo… Get hyped. Woooooalolooooo

You have to pay to watch this stream??? WTF???

Has it not started yet or do you have to pay? It wont allow you to chat unless you pay 12$

Anyone know so I can move forward either way?

@masterdericobr @RafaMang @Nightswipe0

Nah dude, just to chat. Watching is free.


We just have to be patient, I don’t think you have to pay to watch, that would be dumb.

Ok just making sure because people were talking in the chat as if they were watching matches.

Ok its on!!! Good deal!

Just started!
Lets gooo