Everything Reset Oddly all work since season 1 HELP! I'm shaking

Ok so I have a previous post from just a while ago where I was having an issue with Ranked Games saving the outcome.
Every time I would stop playing KI it wouldn’t save my outcome it always reverted to 0-0.

I found that I messed something up on my end and needed to reset OneDrive.
I reset OneDrive logged back in to KI and it gave me an Option for using latest data on Win10 or Previous Cloud data.
I chose the Win 10 data and I lost everything kind of.
It seems as though all game content is still there I just lost all records on single player.
All my season work was reset including all characters levels and story progress.
In Ranked it sees my record and jumped me right to Killer Rank where I am.
**Still with a 0-0 record for the month but it shows my all time stats.

I’ve been playing since season 1. I’ve bought all seasons up until season 3. I even just got the disk version so I could have gold gargos.
I even own one of the first Shadow Jago Limited Edition.
I’m shaking right now.
Freaking Out.

I stream KI fairly regularly and hope I can get this issue fixed. Here is a link to my channel where you can clearly see my KI standing in previous streams.

I won’t play any single player or Ranked until this issue is fixed Thanks for your help!