Every time I close KI (Steam), I get the popup for not responding and to close the program

Why is this? I asked on the Steam forums but was directed to this specific board. I use my PS4 controller with DS4Windows program, which seems to work flawlessly. Unless this is a symptom of using DS4Windows… game runs great and fine, but every time I close it out from the main menu I am greeted with that popup box stating something went wrong with it (or something) and I have to actually choose Close The Program to end the game…

It may be a bug but it’s good to hear it doesn’t effect the actual game itself. It sounds like it basically amounts to an “Are you sure you wanna quit?” message, though by this point tge game is already closed.

It may be annoying butnyou can probably just role with it. Probably just something about the close function being silly

Hopefully the @developers can chime in and assist you, I’ve heard of quite a few people on the Steam forums with the same issue.

I get the same thing, OP.