Every single ranked match desyncs

Can’t have a single normal match, most of them desync at character select screen, sometimes I’m privileged to have one or two rounds before DC. I never RQ’ed in my life and now I’m 3rd in leaderboard without hitting an enemy.

PLEASE can I enjoy the game for once?


Been happening to me too lately, had a ranked session a few days ago where every opponent DCed at the Character Select or Loading screen. May just be a server issue from time to time.

Sorry for necro, just finally found a post similar to my issue.

I haven’t heard of anything like that recently. My Ranked has been working as normal recently :confused:

I dunno, its odd. Happened for all opppnents in one sitting, but it was fine the next day. I’ve had a couple of the same thing in between but not as frequent. Could be a network thing on my end too.