Ever had/tried THESE fruits before?

The Durian

The Jackfruit

For the durian I never had it nor do I want to try it while for the jackfruit I had it before and I wanna say, it is quite sweet and tasty.

I’ve had durian. It wasn’t fresh - it was cooked in something. It just tasted like a vegetable.


I wouldn’t mind tasting all exotics fruits in the World! As long there’s no risk in getting I’ll or intoxicated. Looked up different fruits in the Internet and some looks amazing. The most curious are from Asia no doubt. I know most fruits in America and grew up in a citty surrounded with fruit trees like apples (red delicious, granny,golden, Fuji, gala,etc) pears (Williams mainly), plums, peaches,nectarines,cherries, grapes,etc.
There’s also lots of citrics but not in my old region because the weather is not humid enough.

Other fruits are imported from Brazil and Central América as well specially bananas, maracuyá, mango, pineapple, melon,watermelon, etc. Love fruits! :smiley:

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I would like to, especially a dragon fruit.

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I heard durian are the most foul smelling fruit in the world. So bad that it hinders bulk shipping when it’s being cultivated…I wanna try it at least once lol.

That and dragon fruits. The most badass fruit name in the world

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That’s nothing compared to this:

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How about the smell/aroma?

Like I said, it had been prepared so it wasn’t particularly smelly. There wasn’t much of an odor.

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Dragon fruit are getting to be pretty available, even in the US. We import them from Vietnam. You might not recognize them if they are cut up - it looks like a white fruit with lots of black seeds throughout. They taste okay but I’m not a huge fan.

I had dragon fruit while I was in Singapore last year - it tasted fine, but wasn’t anything super special IMO (it actually looks like it tastes amazing, so I was a bit disappointed :joy:). It was out of season for durian though, so all the Singaporeans told me it would be better to wait to try it. From what I hear the reaction to the smell is pretty binary - some people think it smells incredibly sweet (if strong), while others think it smells like hot garbage. I admit that I’m quite curious to go back and try it for myself, if for nothing else than to see how an odor can elicit such wildly different reactions :-p Whether people like it or hate it though, everyone agrees that the smell is pretty overpowering - it’s actually illegal to bring durians onto public transit in Singapore for that reason.

I’ve had jackfruit before, it tastes pretty good. I also ate a goodly collection of fruits in Venezuela about a decade ago that I don’t know the names for. I think a good rule of thumb is that tropical regions tend to have some really tasty (and odd, to American eyes/palette) fruits available. In the Dominican Republic for instance, there were these little (about golf ball-sized), vividly pink and purple fruits growing on bushes in the countryside with a spiny, leathery skin (seriously, the fruit looks like a little sea urchin) that you peeled off and ate. Most of the fruit is seed, but the flesh of the fruit was just incredibly sweet and delicious.

Starfruit, tamarind, kumquats…there are a lot of very interesting and tasty fruits out there. I highly recommend trying the local favorite fruits anytime you go traveling :slight_smile:


Ever had feijoa/pineapple guava? We had a (supposedly ornamental) feijoa bush when I was a kid and I used to love those fruits.

I’ve heard of Durians before. I’m not really a fruit guy though so my tasting experience is limited lol

I ate a raw apple once.

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Here’s LA Beast also taking on/attempting the Puke Fruit Challenge :laughing: