Eventhubs KI Tier list


Have any of you taken a look at it. They have Sadira and Spinal in Top 5 even every other source I read say these two are mid/low tier. What’s the deal?

lol it’s eventscrubs, dude. Pay them no mind.

They had Dictator in top 3 for like 8mos post-launch (SFV), lol.


I haven’t been paying attention to them, but they seem pretty popular even though I don’t know who they really are.

Are the tier lists created with community votes or something?

This list has data compiled since season 1. It is beyond irrelevant. It would still be horribly wrong if they started it over let’s be honest, but as is it has beyond zero value as you can’t even use it as a way to see how the less informed masses feel about the characters.



I wonder if there could be something that we could do to reboot their list. I guess it wouldn’t matter tho. idk.

The list wasn’t reseted since s1. Is extremely irrelevant and outdated


Eventscrubs lmao. Only capcom fighting games exist to them. Writing about other FG’s is a necessity for them to cover up shilling a little.

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Yes, though I wouldn’t call the readership of EH a “community”, and if I must, then I must also elucidate that they are the least informed, whiniest, least-likely-to-even-play-the-games-they-cry-about, illiterate and inarticulate cesspool of genetic regrets the first page of a Google search can muster (insofar as the FGC is concerned).

They scarcely covered S1, ignored S2, and started running 2-day-late KI news regularly around the time Eyedol dropped (though they covered the early S3 leaks in abundance).

It’s not a news-site run by journalists of any calibur, but a click-bait site run by Top64 flunkies. I wouldn’t take any opinion reflective of their general readership remotely seriously.


EDIT: Yes, that felt good.




Keits has put together a couple community tier lists for the game with input from noted players. These are much more interesting and valuable to look at. Pain in the ■■■ to put together though, so can’t expect a new one every balance patch.

Hopefully the community can put out another one this year and then maybe a final one post KI Cup next year.

*gentlemanly bow *

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As soon as I saw Sadira top 5 I knew something was amiss. :smile:

-shrug- I like Eventhubs.


Genuine question, no snark or derision intended:


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I like eventhubs to keep up with news and interacted at first but when I notice how the community acts I just look at the articles for the most part.

Because it’s a solid way to get FG and tournament news in general, and I like the mix of serious FG stuff (that recent article on the hierarchy of play) and silliness that it entails. The writers aren’t journalists by any means, but why does that matter? They largely do a good job of talking the why’s of a given topic, and I trust them far more than the average IGN or Gamespot writer when the topic pertains to fighters.

Do they mostly cover SF? Well, yeah. But most of them are SF guys - that’s the game they hail from and what they know. And not incidentally, those are also the articles that get the most clicks and comments, and so the focus makes sense from a business perspective as well. It’s not like they actively go around crapping on other games or communities; even if they post things late or don’t post it all, the team at least makes an attempt to keep up with what’s going on in other scenes.


Pay no mind to it. They haven’t reset the tiers since mid S2. A bunch of their match up data is from S2. That’s why they put Spinal so high up.

I prefer r/kappa for FGC news tho.

Nothing wrong with reading Eventhubs just to see if there’s news, because they’ll usually have it. Sometimes I’ll come across a cool combo video or something. And I do (generally) like their results posts for tournaments. They’re definitely a click-bait website though, and they cater to the absolute lowest common denominator way more than they should. Despite Shoryuken basically falling off a cliff in terms of popularity, at least they’re trying in recent months to post stuff from under-the-radar games (including KI), and they’ll do original interviews and stuff that is a bit higher brow than 80% of what Eventhubs posts.

But hey, if the lowest common denominator is what is paying the bills for them, hard to see why they should bother with other content.

I dunno. Despite actually checking Eventhubs out decently regularly, I feel like they’re part of the problem with why the FGC is so gossip/drama heavy, and why it’s hard to get cool original pieces of content, like my blog post about famous FG bugs or Joshthefunkdoc’s great series of posts about the history of the SFEX games, any traction. It’s so much easier to just go check out who’s hating on SFV today and read through 250 comments about people arguing than it is to turn your brain on and engage in some real thoughtful content. And not even saying that my blog post is the epitome of thoughtful content… I just almost never see anyone trying to make it, because they know it’ll just get drowned out by random tweets from FChamp or whatever. There are some people who like that type of thing, but it’s definitely extremely rare.


I like when y’all explain yourselves and your preferences. Much more eloquent than I have the patience for.

EH DOES have decent tourney coverage, and their event locator is a thing (if not always quite accurate). I should have said “commentorship” instead of “readership” - sorry.to have lumped you w that lot.

Otherwise though, I really feel Infil’s sentiment on this one. Better to read SRK or Brokentier or any other number of slightly smaller sites who are trying to create compelling and meaningful content. EH is oft just too tabloid-y for my tastes.

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